Hard Décor are steel fabricators based in Brooklyn

East 6th Street

Yoga Sutra

Mark Line Industries are modular home builders

Houses for New Orleans

Rebuild Prototypes

Femenella & Associates are stain glass window restorers

Rose Window for Eldridge Street Synagogue

Ross Art Studio is a custom glass fabricator

Rose Window For Eldridge Street Synagogue

Gil Studio restores, fabricates, and designs, stain glass windows

Rose Window for Eldridge Street Synagogue

Milgo/Bufkin is a metal fabricator based in Brooklyn

Talmud Torah

Simplex Homes are modular housing builders

Sag Harbor

Build it Back Modular

Pennkraft Building Systems

Build it Back Modular

Modular Steel System

Build it Back Modular

Swartfager Welding Inc.

Build it Back Modular

Bay Crane

Build it Back Modular

Lighting Collaborative


ABC Furniture


Wells Aluminum

First Step Housing



Build it Back Modular

The LiRO Group

Build it Back


Build it Back

Build it Back Modular

Hank Starr

Artist’s Studio

Bright Construction Co.

Bergen Street Addition

Lawrence Bedall

East 6th Street


Kiki Smith

Rose Window for Eldridge Street Synagogue


Garrison Architects is an architecture studio based in Brooklyn


Nancy Owens Architect is a landscape architecture studio based in Manhattans Museum

Brooklyn Children’s Museum

DARCH is an architecture studio based in New York City and New Orleans
Houses for New Orleans

Houses for New Orleans

Rebuild: Prototypes

david cunningham architecture planning is an architecture studio based in Brooklyn

Build it Back

JK Architects

Sag Harbor Cottages

Robert Marino Architects

Build it Back

Armand Le Gardeur

Vacant Lots


Sherwood Engineers is a civil engineer firm that specializes in ecology, infrastructure, and design

Sheepshead Bay

Brooklyn Children’s Museum

Dunne and Markis Consulting Engineers is a structural engineering firm based in Riverdale, NY

Bungalows for Sheepshead Bay

MFS Consulting Engineers & Surveyor is a multidisciplinary engineering firm

Brooklyn Children’s Museum

William Scribner

Artist’s Studio

House Addition in Woodstock

Ryan Consulting Engineers

Build it Back

Anthony Webster Structural Engineer

Housing the Spectacle

Raynor Engineering is a civil engineer and land surveying company.

Sag Habor

Ross Dalland, PE is a structural engineer based in Kingston, NY

House on Mount Desert Island, Maine

Avengo Bailey and Associates

Houses for New Orleans

Basily B. Basily, PhD. and E.A. Elsayed, PhD.

Roll Out House



Pratt Center for Community Development is a community advocacy and planning non-profit affiliated with Pratt Institute

Sheepshead Bay

ACORN was based in New Orleans and organized around Housing rights for low to moderate income communities.

Plum Orchard

Common Ground is a non profit organization fighting homelessness by developing and managing their own housing for homeless individuals.

First-Step Housing

Van Alen Institute is a non-profit that uses research, competitions, and programming to investigate issues on architecture and urbanism

Future Ground

Citizen Housing and Planning Council is a research non-profit that looks at policy relating to housing issues

Making Room

Resilient Red Hook is a collection of local residents, business owners, and experts working on issues of environmental sustainability and economic opportunity in Red Hook, Brooklyn

Government Agencies

Department of Design and Construction serves as the New York City’s primary capital construction project manager.

Build it Back

Brooklyn Children’s Museum

Seneca House Kitchens

Office of Emergency Management (OEM)
is responsible for coordinating citywide emergency planning and response for all types and scales of emergencies.

Interim Housing: Red Hook, Brooklyn

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is the federal agency that deals with disaster preparation and relief.

PUP for Red Hook, Brooklyn


Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is a federal agency that handles housing issues.

Plum Orchard

Department of Housing Preservation is the city agency tasked with preserving the quality and affordability of housing in New York City through maintaining and developing affordable housing and enforcing maintenance codes.

Build it Back

Department of Homeless Services is the city agency tasked with reducing homelessness and caring for homeless individuals in New York City.

Seneca Houses

The School Construction Authority

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